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4 Fun & Easy DIY Outdoor Games for Kids

It's day ___ of being at home without school. Your kids are longing to go outside, see the sun, and run around. Here are some fun & easy DIY outdoor games that will take up hours of their playtime today to make and to play!

1. Plastic Bottle Bowling

Grab all those plastic bottles that have been collected for recycling, add some paint (shake up the paint until it covers the bottle), and use them as your very own make-shift plastic bottle bowling pins! The kids will have a blast shaking the bottles to spread the paint around it. Easy and eco-friendly.

Tutorial at : U-Create Crafts

2. Bucket Bean Bag Toss

This is a great game to entertain your kids and give them an interactive lesson on addition. Have them keep score as they add up the scores of each bucket they score.

All you need: buckets of various kinds, construction paper to make the score signs for each bucket, and bean bags.

Tutorial at: Morgan Moore

3. Backyard Scrabble

This one isn't just for the kids; get the entire family out to the yard (or living room) and let's play some family scrabble!

Make letter pieces out of cardboard and markers, paint, or masking tape and let the fun commence.

Tutorial at: constantly lovestruck

4. Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Want to play the Bean Bag Bucket Game, but don't have buckets? Grab the ladder from the backyard, add points to each step, and voila! The simplest game set-up ever.

Tutorial at: Landeelu

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