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5 Seriously Easy Kid-Friendly Crafts

With many working from home, a big question on parents' minds is: "How on earth am I supposed to entertain my kids for 24 hours a day?"

Here are 5 seriously easy (our definition of easy: minimal parent artistic skill & minimum supplies required) kid-friendly crafts to do with your kids.

1. Tissue Box Monsters

Grab some empty tissue boxes and art supplies, and let your kids' imagination go wild as they create their very own tissue box monsters.

Tutorial at: The Best Ideas for Kids

2. Thumbprint Family Tree

Use it as a valuable time to teach your kids about their family ancestry, and share some funny stories about crazy uncle Joe and those war stories your grandfather always told you during dinners.

Tutorial at: Good Housekeeping

3. DIY Artsy Collage

Grab a poster paper and paint that the kids can decorate freely as they desire.

Then, grab a stack of newspapers or magazines (if you don't have any, colored advertisements that you get in the mail will do!) to cut out pictures from.

Your kids will spend hours creating their perfect, unique collage of what they like! If they are stuck, encourage them to think about the things they like or help them choose a theme.

Tutorial at: Molly Moo Crafts

4. DIY Princess Wand

Calling all princesses! Everyone knows a princess stuck at home isn't really a princess without her princess wand.

You'll need some craft foam, scissors, hot glue gun / stapler, and a straw to make a one-of-a-kind princess wand.

Tutorial at: Inspiration Made Simple

5. Plastic Bottle Cherry Blossom Art

Don't throw away that water bottle! Combine it with paint to create beautiful cherry blossom artwork with your kids. There is minimal mess with this art project, since kids will find it easy to control their water bottle "paintbrush".

Tutorial at : Cute DIY Projects

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