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'Crafts of Care'?

Bring a smile to someone in need.
Cards of Care

In Cards of Care workshops, community members are invited to join us in making DIY encouragement cards to those in need of a smile (such as hospitalized children, the elderly, and those serving overseas).

Cards are distributed through partner NPOs to reach these communities in need. 

Not in Davis? Host your own! 

Seeking artists and crafters! 
Share your talent with us.
Love Art? Volunteer!

Are you a local artist or crafting aficionado? Do you have a positive personality and the patience to teach? Come volunteer with us in leading crafts workshops for the community. 

Image by National Cancer Institute
Experience the healing effects of creativity and art.
De-Stress with Art!

'De-Stress with Art' workshops are free for all community members to join and learn how to express themselves, de-stress, and be more creative. A guide will give steps and the necessary materials on creating different crafts and art projects in a positive and fun environment.